Results Lake Clark's Hill April - 2 Day

George Chin and Kurt Hennek Tie for Big Fish at Lake Clark's Hill with dualing 4-6 LM

Dan Kovich              Tommy Warbington   Kurt Hennek

                                                                                     20-13                                             20-12                               23-10

First Place                                  Second Place                       Third Place


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February Lake Lanier

Randy Heinrich and Cory Bearden win Boat Weight for February  with 22 lbs 9 ounces

6 Bags 10+ Pounds

Doug Hooper 15-8, Mike Kim 14-2, Cory Bearden 12-11,

Tommy Warbington 12-6, Zach Saunders 12-5, and     Dan Kovich 10-10 

3 Bags 9+ Pounds

Randy Heinrich 9-14,  Vince Owen 9-9, Kurt Hennek 9-4

Lake Lanier Money Winners for August 2019


1st Place

Mike Kim

2nd Place

Maurice Graham

3rd Place

Jay DiVagno

  Maurice Graham  Big Fish 3-12 @ Lanier

Winning Boat Weight Jay DiVagno and Maurice Graham 

We meet at 7:30 PM the first Tuesday of each month at the Kroger Store at 

5665 Atlanta Highway,  Alpharetta, Georgia 30004

Store is about 1 mile north of corner of McFarland Blvd. and Highway 9 on right.